Welcome to The Australian Underground

Please take some time to read through our in-game and community rules. Failure to abide by our rules will result in prompt removal from our server.

Out of Character Rules

- Any use of exploits, clientside lua scripts, cheats, circumventing measures put in place to protect the server, use of server scripts or addons against the intended purpose or macros/autoclickers, BHOPing in RP, etc, will not be tolerated. Permanent bans will be issued at the discretion of staff for these offenses.
All exploits and bugs must be reported to server staff immediately.

- You may not AFK whilst owning printers or bitcoin miners. Selling them to another player does not make you exempt from this, expect to be banned.
- Threats or attempts to crash, DDoS or lag the server will result in a permanent ban. This includes but isn't limited to prop spam, prop block and prop minge.
- Shipment bombing (filling your pockets with shipments and other entities) and kill binding or having yourself killed to cause an explosion of shipments) will result in a permanent ban.
General RP Rules / Expectations

- Do not RDM (Random Death Match) - killing another player without a valid roleplay reason or initiation.
- Do not VDM (Vehicle Death Match) - Killing another player with a vehicle.
- Do not RDA/RDT (Random Arrest/Taze) - arresting a player without a valid roleplay reason.
- Do not Metagame - the use of information gained from a 3rd party program (Example: Discord, Forums, etc) or an OOC (Out of Character) setting in a roleplay scenario.
- Do not Powergame - creating non consensual RP against another player (Example: telling them that they have non-existant drugs in their possesion so you have an excuse to arrest them), scamming or interrupting a transaction, bending RP to create an unfair advantage or win an RP situation that you otherwise may have lost.
- Do not FailRP - treat each situation with a touch of realism. Example: jumping on the body of a tased player to intentionally kill them.
- Do not Fading Door Abuse - using the keybind or other owner/gang/player exclusive methods to open/close doors when involved in a roleplay situation. Example: using your keybind to open/close a door during a base raid or a wiremod trigger that only opens the door for the owner & doesn't hold for the minimum 4 seconds.
- Do not Door Abuse - spamming doors open/closed to prevent a door from being opened by another player.
- Do not break NLR - when killed, you must forget everything that happened in the past life, and may not return to the location of your death for at least 5 minutes or until the situation has ended.
- Do not self-supply - using a job ability to buy weapons, explosives, armor or other entities for yourself and/or your group, even if they pay for it. You should buy these items from another player instead.
- Do not Climb SWEP in RP, in any manner. You will be restricted from accessing climb swep if you are reported for doing this.
- FearRP is not enforced on this server. If you feel that you can get yourself out of a dangerous situation with the weapons you have, godspeed!
- Religious/real world political RP is not permitted at any time. This includes Nazism.
- Disrespect/harassment of players in an OOC (Out of Character) manner is not permitted. You may use reasonable RP disrespect, so long as the target and/or a staff member has not asked you to stop.
- No RP in spawn, regardless of whether someone attacked you or is your hit target. Similarly, you may not use spawn as a safezone to avoid RP.
- Disconnecting from the server after being raided is not permitted and may result in a ban. If you lose a raid, don't be a spoil sport - give them 30 minutes to benefit from the raid before you leave.
- If you are not directly involved in a roleplay situation you are to remain well clear of it and not interfere with others involved.
- Once you are downed (killed but able to be revived) in a hostile situation, you can no longer return to that combat situation if revived by a paramedic. However, since NLR doesn't apply if revived, you may remember what occured during this situation and use it in RP at a later time.
- When a combat situation has ended (all opposing parties have been downed), you must move on from the incident and allow Paramedics to do their job. Do not hold Paramedics at gunpoint to prevent them from doing or threaten to kill them for doing their job.
- Once you use the surrender feature (/sr) during a hostile RP situation, you are safe from the hostile RP AND you are no longer able to participate in said hostile RP. You must keep your hands up until the situation has concluded.
- Charging back payments made to The Australian Underground is a breach of our rules and the law and as per our Terms of Service, you will be permanently banned.
- You cannot trade any item, perk, class, reward or in-game currency for real world items or currency.
- Management can restrict custom job models at their discretion without warning.
- Furry / Anime player models are not allowed for new Custom Job creations. If you are unsure on what qualifies as a Furry / Anime player model, please open a Custom Job ticket in our Discord and we can assist you by explaining.
- You cannot place False Hits - a hit placed for any non RP reason, a reason that is not sensible within RP bounds, a reason that breaches other server rules, etc. Staff may deem your hit reason invalid at any time for any of the above reasons (or others as deemed necessary by Management), and cannot be used in future.
Wiremod Rules

- Any conduct that is in breach of the following rules will be considered misuse of wiremod, and may result in an immediate removal of your wiremod access or a permanent ban from the server without warning. This includes use of wiremod for non or invalid RP reasons, using E2 to render images, AI, Apply Force, etc.
- Wiremod can be used inside of your base to create alarms, have automatic doors (they must still hold for 4 seconds) and for other reasonable RP means. (Wiremod is not to be used to play sound effects on your model or any other player - Enforced at Staff discretion). If used for any other reason, you are in breach of this rule.
- Wiremod can never be hidden outside of the map/across the map/on the roof of the map/on the walls of the map/invisible material or colour. Your wiremod should be visible and inside your base at all times.
- You cannot use Wiremod to gain unfair information and then use it in RP. For example, you may not get a players name, job, health, armor, position, etc and use that in RP (Automatically making them wanted, etc.).
- Wiremod E2 chips that facilitate RP should only be used on their respective jobs. Examples: donation E2 chips should be used by hobo's, Casino / Slots / Double or Nothing for Casino Managers, etc.
- The odds of your gambling machines must be honest and true to the game you're simulating. Example: black jack E2's must function exactly like, or as close as possible to the real world black jack. You must have the probability of each outcome as a percentage clearly shown on a textscreen next to, or as part of the gambling interface - Enforced at Staff discretion.
- Using the E2 "setMass" function is allowed up to 3,000 provided it's being used to blast protect a base, you cannot do it for any other reason.
Building Rules

- You can have a maximum of 2 doors as a base entrance whilst basing with other players. This limit increases to a maximum of 3 doors when basing alone. You cannot have nocollided doors in your entrance. These doors may consist of map doors (ROLLER DOORS ARE NOT PERMITTED!) and fading doors which can be controlled by keypads & E2 ONLY, and must hold for at least 4 seconds. Doors cannot be one-way visibility. Doors and doorways must be a material unique to the adjoined walls.
- You can use ONE additional keypad (that must be toggleable ONLY) to protect valuables inside the base. It cannot be a part of your entrance.
- Your entrance cannot require players to crouch (including keypads) - it must be fully accessible whilst standing, and cannot include an elevator. Your entrance hallway must fit two players side-by-side at all times. Your base entrance can only be 16 blocks in length. Blindfire is not permitted. Entrance doors (and doorway) must be at least the same dimensions as a standard map door, and cannot be double/triple stacked, etc.
- KOS signs are allowed but must be visible and state ALL conditions to follow to prevent KOS. Vague conditions are not permitted, at discretion of server staff.
- Shooting holes are allowed (but must remain open for 2 seconds, with a min size of 2x2, and cannot be one-way visibility). These must be connected to a wiremod button / delay setup. You cannot use damage detectors to open the shooting windows. You are allowed a maximum of 6 shooting windows.
- Roof bases are allowed but you must have an open path to the entrance, unobstructed. Blacked out bases, sky bases and underwater bases are not permitted. You may have a maximum of 1 base.
- Foot / head peaks / drop traps are not allowed. Defenders and Raiders must be able to equally see each other at the same level.
- Casino E2s / Wire must be inside your base, not on the street.
- All PD doors must be accessible, you cannot block any entrances to PD permanently.
- There must be a 2 block gap (plate2x2) between one way walls and the shooting hole.
- Bankers can use 10 additional toggleable keypad doors (for individual vaults/rooms) to protect customer goods.
- You cannot have keypads or KOS signs on ladders. This includes map ladders, props acting as ladders (teeth props, etc), etc. Any type of ladder should not be part of your entrance way.
- You cannot have blinding / excessively bright lights. Vision needs to be equal for all parties in the base.
- The entrance or base cannot be difficult to navigate and cannot create an unfair advantage for defenders. Staff members reserve the right to ask you to change it. Senior Staff and Management overrule existing base-approvals.
- When using Prox Mines, you cannot use any method to prevent their detonation against players/entities in any situation. This includes, but isn't limited to, using fading doors in base entrances to prevent detonation.
- You cannot use explosives in any manner other than the intended use. Finding ways to make explosives OP, using them as base defenses, etc. Management have final say if a base design/contraption is permitted to be used.
- Megabasing is not allowed. You cannot block off parts of the map or use multiple buildings/rooftops.
- You can now utilize a map door as part of your entrance. It can be locked using keys. You shouldn't have more than one map door as part of your entrance. You cannot use roller doors / garage doors still.
Default DarkRP Laws

- Murder, assault, mugging and kidnapping are illegal by default and cannot be changed.
- Breaking and entering into any building is illegal and cannot be changed.
- All forms of drugs are illegal unless the mayor says otherwise.
- Money printers are illegal unless stored inside of a Banker's vault.
- Black Market Dealers are considered illegal at all times. They cannot be arrested on sight based on their job, they must be selling/intending to sell (opening up a shop, doing side deals, etc) their illegal weapons.
- Attacking other citizens is illegal unless in self-defense.
- It is illegal to discharge any weapon other than a licensed pistol (only when used in self-defense), at all times.
- It is illegal to/attempt to enter a government facility or a bank with any weapons, unless you are a member of Law Enforcement or Banker/Security of said bank.
- Laundering money is against the law
Raiding Rules
- When initiating a raid, the first raider must type /raid, all others type /assist before entering the base/building. All raiders involved must wait a 10 minute raid/assist cooldown. A raid must be finished within 10 minutes from the time it started. You cannot raid the same base again for at least 30 minutes after the raid ends. You MUST type /raidover after finishing a raid. Only 1 Battle Medic is allowed when raiding.
- You can only raid with the party (AKA /gang) or organisation (/orgs) members that you're currently basing with.
- You can not join a raid after the first raider has entered base/building.
- You may not build or move props during a raid.
- During a PD raid you may only KOS law enforcement and secret service. You may KOS the mayor if they have not surrendered after 3 warnings have been given or if they are hostile. You must give ample warning for anyone else to leave. Example: /y Leave now or you will be shot!. You must leave the PD as soon as the raid is completed, do not loiter.
- You cannot start a raid with the intention of killing the building occupants and leaving. You must finish the raid entirely before leaving. Example: Raiding PD just to kill the Mayor.
- You must give ample warning for anyone to leave who is not part of the base you are raiding, but are inside the base/area. This excludes those who are attempting to stop you from raiding. Example: /y Leave now or you will be shot!
- You cannot 'code' raid. Using keypad codes to raid a base.
- Further to PD Raid Rules. You can demand realistic things from the Mayor during a raid if they are surrendered. If they fail to comply you are allowed to kill them.
- Realistic things to ask during PD Raid: Lowering taxes, remove a law (that isnt default) etc. If the Mayor complies, you cannot kill them.
- Before counter raiding any raid you must type /counter.
- You MUST continue the raid when countering. You can not kill raiders and leave as a favour to the base owner.
- You cannot counter raid the bank raid. This may only be countered by law enforcement.
- You must give ample warning for anyone else to leave who are not part of the raid but are in the base/area. Example: /y Leave now or you will be shot!
- You may not build or move props during a raid.
Player Basing Rules

- A base has a maximum occupancy of 5 players who must be in a party (/gang) or organisation together (/orgs). This limit includes up to a maximum of 1 Battle Medic. You must own all doors in your base, and anyone basing with you must be added to all doors.
- The Gangster / Mafia sides are not required to be in a gang or organisation, and may have as many members in a base together as the server permits.
- A base may wish to have players visit, but they cannot: buy/store any entities or assist with base defense.
Party / Organisation Rules

- Party/Gang refers to the session based party system TAU offers. Org/Organisation refers to the permanent system that will save over sessions.
- You may have a maximum of 5 people in a party/gang. Job limits apply, see Player Basing Rules and Job Specific Rules.
- All members of the party/gang must base together in the same base, you cannot have seperate bases.
- You cannot assist party/gang members that are caught up in another situation (for example, being arrested by Police) unless you too are being arrested.
- You can have as many members added to your org as is possible in the /orgs menu. (See 'Max Members')
- You may only defend the base that you are living in without using a counter raid, not other bases owned by your organisation. You must counter-raid any other base (/counter).
- You do not need to initiate seperately on people who are interacting with a member of your organisation, so long as you were a part of the RP when it started. However, if another player initiates on a party/org member, you can only help your member if the situation involves you.
- If you enter into the RP situation after it has started, you must initiate seperately. You cannot initiate into a situation that you have no RP involvement in. Being in an Org with someone does not make you involed.
Vehicle Rules

- You cannot steal job vehicles.
- You must drive vehicles in a reasonably roleplay manner. Driving like an idiot will result in your car being deleted and/or you receiving a car ban for the rest of the session.
- Intentionally damaging or blowing up vehicles to annoy, injure or kill other players without a valid RP reason is not allowed.
Job Specific Rules
- You cannot "deliver" coolant to players. You can only supply printer coolant to printers being stored inside your own bank.
- Bankers are expected to open a bank. If you are using this job and not opening a bank, you will be banned from the job.
Battle Medic
- Battle medics cannot raid, mug or carjack by themselves. You may only assist those you are basing with if they are raiding.
Black Market Dealer
- Black Market Dealers are considered illegal when selling or intending to sell weapons. Police can raid you if seen with a store. See DarkRP Default Laws for more info.
- You can only base with other dealers (including gun dealers) and security guards.
Casino Manager
- You may not go AFK as a casino manager.
- You are expected to build a casino off the street to house any form of gambling you undertake. Do not carry out your job elsewhere.
- You are not allowed to raid or mug and may only kill people in self defence
- You must not interfere with raids or police business.
- Citizens should look for jobs to do so there is more variety for the entire server to RP with.
- You are required to build a DJ stand/store where you will be situated whilst carrying out your DJ role.
- Your DJ radio must be kept at your DJ stand/store at all times. You are not allowed to carry it around the street, place in other bases or disturb already existing RP.
- If you are asked by Staff to move your radio or DJ stand/store, you are required to do so.
Drug Manufacturers
- You can base with other drug manufacturers, whether it be weed, cocaine or meth or in a Gangster / Mafia base.
- You can not raid or assist in raids, even if you're basing with Gangster / Mafia members.
Fuel Refiner
- Do not block off oil spots.
- Do not steal other peoples equipment or barrels
- If your leader dies during the raid, you must leave the area.
- The gangster/mafia leader must call /raid, and all members must call /assist.
- You may conduct gang violence (if someone disrespects your gang, give them a warning to stop - then resort to violence).
- Gangster/Mafia Leaders need to have at least 1 member before raiding.
- You are only allowed to base with your team.
Gun Dealer
- You can only base with other gun dealers and security guards.
- You can build vending machines that sell your shipments around the map, however you must comply with all previous building rules.
Hitman/Professional Assassin
- You can not under any circumstance take or destroy valuables. You are not a raiding/thief class.
- Pro. Assassin: You may lockpick into your target's base to kill them. Using your lockpick to let others into the base will be treated as job abuse.
- You're a hitman not a terrorist. Do not blow up your target with explosives if other people are around. If you kill your target with an explosive and it kills other people in the area, it will be treated as RDM if reported.
- You cannot accept a hit on the same player within 15 minutes of completing the previous hit.
- The maximum price on a hit is $50,000.
- You may build a shelter on the sidewalk.
- It is FailRP to buy or own things that hobos should not have within RP. No cars, or owning buildings.
- You may only use semi-automatic handguns.
- Hobos cannot use any explosives.
- You are allowed to have quick hobo fights so long as no one else gets in the way
- You are not allowed to raid and may only kill people in self defence
Hotel Manager
- If a rented room is being raided, you cannot interfere in roleplay that has nothing to do with you. Standard basing rules apply.
- If you don't use Keypad / Fading doors at the entrance to your hotel, then each rented room is treated as an individual base
- You may kidnap any job.
- There is a 15 minute cooldown between each kidnapping. However, you must wait 30 minutes before kidnapping the same person again.
- You must type /kidnap when kidnapping.
- You can not raid or mug.
- You may ransom for a max of $50,000 (The max for Mayor is $100,000)
Law Enforcement
- Unless someone is actively shooting, you must prioritise arresting players.
- You can not prevent cops from accessing the PD.
- Corruption can only go as far using printers, drugs, leaving PD doors open and bribes.
- Do not drag on an arrest. Taze them, cuff them, cite them or arrest them, then move on.
- You are allowed to make your own base or home outside of the PD.
- You may own a printer as a corrupt cop, however you can be arrested by other police if caught.
- You may only wanted a player (/wanted) if you have witnessed them commit a crime, or are wanting to bring them in for questioning.
- You must follow normal NLR rules when responding to any bank or PD raids.
- If you hear money printers, you may use this information to start an investigation into someone's base, so long as you have permission from the police chief or mayor.
- You may set up a police checkpoint, however it is required that any barriers that are used be left unfrozen and can be broken by a car.
- You are NOT permitted to have a KOS sign at any police checkpoints. If a player pulls a gun on you, however, you may shoot to protect your life.
- You may warrant/wanted someone without having previously known the person's name in RP. This is the only exception to the strict metagaming rules.
- Not all interactions will require you to arrest a player. Everything that doesn't warrant an arrest needs a warning.
- You are not allowed to kill the mayor or other officers while being corrupt under any circumstance.
- You must use spike strips on or attempt a pit manoeuvre before opening fire on a fleeing vehicle. Abusing spike strips is not permitted.
- You cannot raid the banker for storing printers. This is a part of their job.
- The only exception to this rule is if you see a crime being committed, you may weapon check the player prior to arrest.
- Weapon checks are only to be performed inside the PD or at Police Checkpoints, provided there is a sign outside giving fair warning to players that they will be searched if they enter the PD or pass through the checkpoint.
- You are not allowed to have any KOS Laws. Officers must attempt less than lethal first where possible.
- When there is no Mayor, the default DarkRP laws apply, previous laws are void.
- You cannot make laws that target specific jobs negatively (e.g: Hobos must be in the sewer or get arrested, Hobos are not permitted to build on the sidewalks, etc)
- Ensure you read the Raider rules to see where you stand during PD Raids. You can surrender but if you fail to comply with raiders, you will be killed.
- All laws you create must be realistic to a degree. You cannot override default laws.
- Laws for jaywalking are not allowed
- You can not prevent cops from accessing the PD.
- You can use any firearm, including explosives.
- You are allowed to defend your job and help protect the bank during a raid.
- You may only raid with other jobs that are capable of raiding. (e.g. Thieves, police, hitmen)
- You can not BASE with these jobs, you can only raid with them
- You cannot revive in combat. You must wait for the situation to be over and for those invovled to move on.
- You are a neutral class, do not involve yourself in crime - treat everyone equally. You may not refuse to heal or charge more than $5,000 per heal.
- You are not allowed to kill other players unless within self defence.
- You are neutral. You cannot base with other jobs OR inside of the PD.
- You are not allowed to raid or mug
- Do not abuse the climb swep in any way.
- You are not allowed to climb into peoples bases and take their stuff
Retro Miner
- Your mines must remain on the ore entity during use at all times. You are not to have 'sky mines' setup. You can use conveyors to move your product around, but the processing equipment must remain on the ground.
- Can not raid or mug
- Do not steal other players mining equipment or entities
- Do not block off ores
Security Guard
- You can not work as or with Law Enforcement.
- You must warn troublemakers to leave, if they are refusing to leave you may resort to violence.
Street Preacher
- Street Preachers can not raid or mug.
- You can not go on a killing spree because people hate what you preach.
- You may base with anyone, however it is encouraged that you work with the strip club owner if there is one.
- This does not mean you can raid or defend bases.
- You can either RP as a stripper or a prostitute.
Thief/Pro Thief/Parkour Thief/Pickpocket Thief
- Thieves can base with only other Thieves or Battle Medics.(Regardless of Gang/Party)
- You cannot carjack job related vehicles, such as police cars, ambulances, tow trucks, garbage trucks, etc.
- A base can only have a maximum of 3 thieves/pro thieves. If you wish to have more than 3, you will need to create a gang and invite everyone that you wish to base with into that gang. The limit is then increased to 5.
- You don't need to /advert on this server. Instead, you are required to use /raid, /counter, /mug or /carjack. Once you have completed your raid, use /raidover.
- The max you can mug someone for is $15,000.
- Raid, mug and carjack are all on a 10 minute cooldown each.
- You cannot raid a base with a building sign.
Tow Truck Driver
- You cannot tow vehicles without the owner's permission. You are not there to enforce parking laws, you are there to assist Mechanics.
Wiremod Builder
- Wiremod Builder may be hired to build a wiremod contraption for any job. You must follow all building and wiremod rules.